Do Any Celebrities Live in Greensboro

Greensboro is one of the most beautiful towns in North Carolina, but most celebrities tend to live in Charlotte instead. This is probably just due to the fact that it is a larger city, so it has more to offer to people who tend to travel often, as most celebrities do. They need to be closer to the airport. Furthermore, the city has a basketball team, which means that players on the team are going to live as close as they can (more…)

Famous Residents from the Greensboro Area

Less than 1,000 people live in Greensboro, Vermont of the United States. However in this small town in Orleans County, several notable people have lived or currently reside. Here are four examples of these important people:

Robert Gilpin – Born in 1930, Robert Gilpin is best known as one of Princeton University’s professors emeriti. In 1962, he joined the Princeton staff. He has written several books such as The Challenge of Global Capitalism and Global Political Economy: Understanding the International Economic Order.

John Gunther (more…)

Indoor Family Fun in the Greensboro Area

There are so many family-friendly things to do in Greensboro, Vermont. You can take a trip to the Elmore State Park where 700 acres of indoor and outdoor fun awaits your family. There are children’s indoor museums, sandy beaches and theme parks. You will never run out of things to do at Elmore State Park. The park is located just 13 miles from Greensboro and you can camp, fish, swim or rent a canoe.

You will find pavilions for rent that make perfect destinations for family reunions. You can also take a ride on (more…)

Cheap Car Insurance in Greensboro

It would be relatively easy for people to find cheap car insurance in Greensboro. Drivers in this city are paying a lower average for their coverage than they are paying in the rest of the country. The national average is 1,584.50. In Greensboro, people are only paying the average price of 1,362, but it’s possible to pay even less for their auto insurance coverage. Greensboro drivers would only need to visit a website such as this one that allows them to compare several quotes from several different car insurance companies.

Greensboro drivers are not required to purchase car insurance, but it is the most affordable way for them to maintain financial responsibility for the damages they may cause with their automobiles. If they decide that car insurance is the best plan for them, they will need to purchase much more than if they were residing in another state. However, this is not a bad thing. More insurance coverage can only benefit those who are fortunate enough to have it when they need it.

In North Carolina, drivers must have at least the following auto insurance coverage:

1. Bodily Injury Liability – 30,000/60,000 for third party injuries
2. Property Damage Liability – 25,000 for third party property damages
3. Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury – 30,000/60,000 for the driver’s and passengers’ bodily injuries
4. Uninsured Motorist Property Damage – 25,000 for the policyholder’s property damages

North Carolina’s required coverage is very thorough, but it is not as thorough as it could be. Greensboro drivers may wish to add even more insurance because their property damage liability will not pay for damages to the policyholders’ vehicles if they were the cause of the collision. In this case, they will need to have Collision coverage that pays to repair or replace the policyholder’s vehicle even if the policyholder caused the crash.

Sometimes, a vehicle can be damaged without being in a crash, or it can be stolen. Those who purchase comprehensive coverage will have the money they need to repair or replace the vehicle if it is damaged or stolen.

Exploring Museums in the Greensboro Area

Beautiful Greensboro, Vermont is home to plenty of small town attractiveness. The pace is slow, and the population is a little over seven hundred people. The center of this quaint area is the local, general store called Willeys. This small town boasts summer youth swimming programs and a farmer’s market on the town office green.

The only museum is called The Miller’s Thumb and is the best resource for finding intricate hand crafted items and antiques. They also have an amazing nine-hole golf course.Want more? Click here Greensboro is most famous for its Circus Smirkus Big Top. This circus was founded in Greensboro in 1987.

Circus Smirkus has toured the northeastern United States in the style that old European circuses did years ago, with a big top tent as its main attraction. The circus was founded by Rob Mermin and is based on promoting the skills and traditions of the traveling circus from throughout history.

During the off time when the circus is not touring, there is a summer camp that trains children in the art of circus performing. The children can learn to be a clown and learn performance arts. The children can learn to ride a unicycle or how to walk on stilts. They can also learn to perform some of the scarier, but more exciting trades of the circus performer, the aerials and acrobatics.

Where Are the Best Parks in Greensboro

Are you looking to visit some of the best parks in Greensboro, NC, but have the slightest idea of where to start? Greensboro has over 45 different parks for you and the family to enjoy. Choosing one of these parks all depends on what you are looking to get into on your adventure. For instance, if you are dealing with a super hot summer, and you would like to cool off, “Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe” (more…)

Outdoor Family Activities in the Greensboro Area

Families living in, or visiting, Greensboro, VT have a myriad of outdoor activities to choose from. Dads can enjoy the greenery on the golf course at the Mountain View Country Club, mom can visit the shopping at The Miller’s Thumb, while the kids can enjoy the Circus Smirkus held in Greensboro each summer. The entire family can enjoy outings at Lake Elligo or the Horse Pond, and the famous Great Vermont Corn Maze.

Circus Smirkus is a big-top attraction for those in Greensboro. The act includes acrobats, jugglers, clowns and aerialists, just to name a few. This event is (more…)

Annual Events in the Greensboro Area

Vermont is known as the Green Mountain State and is famous for maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Greensboro is a small town in the northern part of Vermont and offers a wonderful quality of life, especially for families. It is home to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center where you’ll find several annual events in the resort by the scenic Big Hosmer Pond. There is also a Black River Beatdown and the Runaway Pond Bicentennial.

Winter Trails Day at Craftsbury Outdoor Center
The Center offers complimentary rental (more…)

Getting to Know the Greensboro Vermont Area

Greensboro Vermont Area is one of the most popular places to visit. There are tons of tourist attractions and events to enjoy as well as leisure places to hand out at. If you are looking for a fun place to get away to, take the time to get to know the Greensboro Vermont Area.

If you are a golfer by nature, take a trip to the Mountain View Country Club. It’s beautiful scenery and grassy fields will leave you (more…)